25Nov, 2017

How to Install Dreambox Control Center

How to Install Dreambox Control Center

This process is intended for your Dreambox users. Customers try to find a approach through a FTP application and to handle their recipient boxes. Since it’s perfectly designed document management clients utilize any FTP or Filezilla we advocate FTP program. An individual put in or can afford their pictures or look after any thing which they need to download or upload out of their box. Among the most frequent functions would be to incorporate and/edit CCcam.cfg file.

How to Install Dreambox Control Center

This way is set on by Loyalcccam, and also the very first step is to get the zip file which has DCC version(Click here for download DDC file). Extract the folder and then start DCC.


Dreambox Control Center1

Publish your box password and user at the language and remember to select the link type.

Notice: If you join to your own box power in the laptop/pc and select “Immediate Crossover”, don’t forget to select “Router” on the manner.



Dreambox control center2

2. You have to assign every device’s IP Address.

Notice: For those who know the IP address of router and the box, there’s an empty area above the IP. Mouse over sort the IP address and there.

Click on Search, if you do not understand the IP address and allow the DCC discover and scan the IP addresses.

I’m going to scan to get the box’s IP address. I click Search



Dreambox control center 3

3. At the very top, you may observe the Address array at which you are able to assign the variety of IP address on your Network relies that.

My scope is The procedure will be started by clicking on search.




Derambox control center4

4. The method is completed. 3 ‘ IP’s are discovered.

The IP end in 2.1 is my own Router, the one with 2.7 is that my Box and now 2.99 is just another gadget.

So I double click to attach it.

Do the procedure to your own laps.




Dreambox control center 5

5. Now that we’ve assigned IP’s in my own own device, we’re gonna click to see whether it’s functioning.



Dreambox control center 6

6. All signals show that our link remains healthy and we’re linked via our modem to our box.




Dreambox control center 7

7. Let’s go to the FTP segment and see just how we could manage our documents between also the box along with pc/laptop.




Dreambox control center 8

8. Because you can observe this segment is split in to two halves.

The ideal side is that our Receiver box along with the side that is left is that our PC/Laptop.

You can exchange using both arrows in the center.

If you maintain every time that you open it, DCC folder, it links into a box and you may do your own edits.


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