26Apr, 2017

How to Install CCcam Server on Dreambox 800

How to Install CCcam Server on Dreambox 800

Instructions are offered by the manual on the procedure to present CCcam. The goal is to offer a rundown of all addendums that offer a step-by-step institution notes for framework schedules and employment of the goods along with directions.
Another choice to improve your server’s performance from installing CCcam Server around Dreambox 800.


Step 1- Download CCcam into Dreambox 800 “tmp” envelope and make sure that they do not end in .zip or .tgz as they will not work in this procedure. When making use of different documents, the files must end with being .tar.gz, which is an executable document.
Step 2-Proceed into the Blue Panel and then Select the “Record Browser”.
Step 3- choose the region of your document in which it was moved, in usr/tmp/.
Step 4-  Proceed to your CCcam_2.3.0. Tar.gz listing then squeezes fine to present it physically or and press the yellow button.
Step 5- Just restart your Dreambox, and the procedure is finished.
Utilize telnet to introduce Cardsharing physically
1. Click on and download Enigma two e2_CCcam_221_onlybin_bh.
2. After the introduction of DCC client and linking to the IP area of Dreambox 800, place the “root” as username. Utilize “fantasy box” as the key and continue towards the/tmp registry. Document *. Tar.gz towards the right-hand facet of your DCC client on your CCcam Server and then swap Dreambox into the/tmp envelope.
3. Continue to go to DCC telnet and to install CCcam.
4. Click input to present, and press on the Blue base in your distant dream box. Pick left or right of the Cccam_2.21
5. Press the OK button when you’ve made your decision since it will start the selected Cam quick.

The steps of the procedure are over, and now you can enjoy best TV entertainment with your CCcam Server with Dreambox 800.

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