19Nov, 2017

How to install Cccam for Gigablue HD 800 Solo

How to install Cccam for Gigablue HD 800 Solo

How to Enable & Use Cccam for Gigablue Hd 800 Solo

gigablue-hd-800With PATCH FW

1. The first step is to make an editor file (Notepad + + o. zBWindows Editor). Go to the first line and add your C line. Press Enter and create another empty line and rename the file to cccamd.conf and save it in the root directory or the USB flash drive.
2. Explore the menu STB Settings> Security Settings
Here, you will see:
Installation / Receiver OFF
Parental Lock Off
New Password —-
Confirm Password —-
Enable Installation/receiver and enter a password 3333 and leave the menu. Watch the “activated” appear to the right.
3. Use the cccamd.conf in GigaBlue file to insert your USB stick and press F2 on your FB.
Press the red button in order to read the file on a USB drive. Choose its line and activate the startup by pressing the green button. Stop the option to see how many cards comprise the CCcam server.

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