26Apr, 2017

How To Install CCcam on AMIKO ALIEN SHD 8900 HD

How To Install CCcam on AMIKO ALIEN SHD 8900 HD

Installing the Emu’s including CCcam to Spark


The first step is to delete all your installed Emu plugins.
Click on Menu -> Plugin and then click on the Green button to delete each plugin.
Enter the Password: 0 0 0 0, on the new firmware.
Download emu_plugin.zip the emu_pugin file [ emu_plugin.zip ]
Once the file is downloaded, unzip the emu_plugin.zip.
Place the folder ‘plugin’ onto a USB stick [Formatted in FAT32] and put in the USB stick into the USB port behind the receiver.
Click Yes to install, once you see a popup window.
Chick here to open DCC
Use the following login data when setting up the Configuration
Username: root
Password: root
Once a connection has been made, click FTP
Now click var -> /root/plugin/var and click on Keys
Select your CCcam.cfg file and click on the transfer button
When requested to overwrite, click Yes.
Click on the CCcam.cfg file and then click View to see if it is correct.
Click the Edit option if you feel the need to edit the field.
Close DCC once you are okay with the CCcam.cfg file.
Now click Menu -> Plugin
Click the Enter button after selecting CCcam214 to start the emu.
The Red Off icon will turn to Green.
Once you have started the CCcam Emu, you can exit.
Check to ensure that all is working correctly.
Choose an encrypted channel you know your cline will open, and click Enter to view the channel.
You should be able to access to the channel if you have followed the above steps correctly.

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