How to Generate CCcam.cfg file

How to Generate CCcam.cfg file

There are several Linux-based satellite receivers that require the CCcam.cfg file with your ccCam lines information in order to operate with Cccam Server Or Cardsharing You can ask your providers for a CCcam.cfg, but you can get things done you, as the whole procedure is very easy to understand and just about anyone can do it.


Step One – Make a simple text document
Step Two– Place the Cccam Lines, UserName. Ports And Passwords precisely like presented below.
(The Usual Set-up for Showing Lines)
C server port user pass
Step three – Go to the Top left of your Text Editor and Click File – Save as
Step four – Watch a new window come up, and just below to the TYPE File, select ALL Files
Step five – Write CCcam.cfg from the top in File Name and save.
Step six – There are no more steps, and your CCcam.cfg file is ready to be used!
Just remember that it`s vital to write the first two C`s be in Caps Letters.

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