Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my C-Lines do not link to servers?
Assess your receiver placing, in case you've got a legitimate c-lines offered by people.

Restart net link and your recipient, and turn your router firewall off
Make sure that the receiver have entree into the world wide web, and also also the CCcam is currently operating the c-lines should stay activated on your recipient.

If you confront also your c-lines and the very same issues still not link, send us an email along with your c-lines to receive support and assistance.

What devices do I want to utilize your solutions?
You'll require a satellite dish along with your preferred supplier, a Dreambox, a broadband connection along with a similar operating CCcam.
Do you send a card for my receiver box?
You obtain your lines of code (C-Lines) as soon as you purchase from us and you add the lines of code (C-Lines) to some file in your recipient. This enables the recipient to understand where our servers and they have been and how to link.
How does card sharing operate?
Card sharing is a method whereby individual recipients get immediate entry into a pay television system and use a legitimate automatic accessibility subscription card. The card that was real is adjusted to Dreambox that's connected to the world wide web or a computer. It's intended to offer you the control term that was decrypted . This control phrase that was decrypted is used to decode the conditional access support.
Can I get all the channels listed on your website?
You're able to become just those stations that your satellite dish can access. Should you take a system that is motorized then it could possibly be prone to acquire the channels listed all.

If any Bundle stops working all the sudden on Cardsharing we're not Accountable for this. Do our very best and we attempt to work.

What image do you suggest using on my receiver?
You can set up the image you like on your sat receiver if it is well-suited with the model and allows you to run CCcam. You should never set up an image that is not meant for your receiver model.
What soft cam do you endorse using on a receiver?
You can make use of any version of CCcam to link to our servers.
Do you support NewCamd, NewCS, MgCamd or any other softcam?
We can support CCcam, MGcamd and Newcamd.
How do I organize my receiver to use CCcam?
Follow the detailed instructions and download our support pages to use CCcam.
Will you send the CCcam.cfg file?
Yes, if you request for the CCcam.cfg file, we will send the files - CCcam.cfg and CCcam.prio. All you need to do is just install them on your receiver.
Can I re-share your C: line or use it on more than one receiver?
No. The C: line will work only on one receiver at a time.
You've promoted no freezing, however I encounter problems occasionally with the image freezing or freezing. Is there?
You've promoted no freezing, however I encounter problems occasionally with the image freezing or freezing. Is there?
Purchase an encryption policy into the TV providers which requires your receiver to regain a brand new partitioning word every couple of seconds. It is necessary, although this doesn't incorporate a quantity of bandwidth. If one of those messages gets dropped due to congestion in your own line, congestion in your ISP or delays online, it's likely that your image will turn for a couple of seconds or can freeze.

To Make Sure That you get the best potential Results in our providers, we advise that you don't run any software as you're watching tv. Then that is very likely to influence your viewing enjoyment if your Internet connection is active downloading.

Please be aware that your line can be used by you just Receiver at one moment. If you attempt to utilize it in more than 1 place the recipients cause troubles and may struggle with one another.

What payment systems do you accept?
We accept payment by PayPal.
What is IPTV?
Web IPTV or Protocol television is To get delivered through the online protocol suite over a packet Networks like a LAN or the Internet. The tv services Don't Get delivered through means like cable tv Formats, even the terrestrial or satellite sign.
Do I require satellite for using IPTV?
No, you will link IPTV servers via the Internet and there is no need for the dish and satellite equipment.
What kind of devices do you back?
We support different devices such as Android Smart Phone, MAG, Enigma2, Android Boxes, PC, DreamBox, Vu+, VLC, Kodi/XBMC and Smart TV
Just how much bandwidth will the IPTV flow use?
Our IP-TV flows so and employ the H264 technologies Provides quality and the compression. The IPTV flow sizes are about 1.5 Mbit/s. When altering the stations, the H264 protocol can Bounce higher to demonstrate the image. This Is the Reason You Require a 2Mbit 5 Mbit/s and minimum connection rate speed for HD stations.
Can I use two devices on one subscription at the same time?
No, you cannot do that as IPTV account can be set up in more than one device. This is why only one stream will work at the same time.